Back to the Easel!

A Day's Work

Today I pick up my brushes and get back to the art part of this gig! While it's been exciting and somewhat challenging to get my new website up and running, I am happy to be back to doing what I do best! 

My next launch (Q2) will happen during the months of March/April/May. How many paintings will I be able to do between now and then? We shall see! All I know is that I'm enjoying doing landscapes again more than I can much fun!

Between now and Q2 I'll be posting any new Minis that fall off of my brushes! Two in the works now. Once I have four I will send out an email and post them in the mini collection.

As always, if you have any questions for me, or just want to chat about art feel free to contact me HERE!

From the Studio,

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