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AUCTIONS COMING THIS FALL! - Join email list to get early details!
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February 2020 - Giveaway

Over the years I have donated many paintings, all to great causes. It feels good knowing that a painting that I have donated will end up in the hands of someone who has purchased it at a fund raising event because they love it...both the cause, and the painting.

I've decided that I am going to do something similar here. My goal over this year is to build my audience so that I can decide at the end of 2020 whether I want to continue to sell directly to my collectors, or go back into the gallery system. In order to build my audience I will be doing a few small ads each month with Facebook and/or Instagram. I will base those ads on my monthly giveaway. The giveaway will have one condition only, that the winner be on my email list. If you would like to share my Facebook Page, or my Instagram account that would be wonderful, but not necessary to be entered into the draw. At the end of the year there will be at least 12 new people that will experience the same joy that I feel when bringing home an original piece of art!

I have a small email list right now. For the 20 or so years that I was in the gallery system I didn't have the opportunity to connect with my collectors, with the exception of the ones that reached out to me over the years. Since starting my online store I have heard from several of my collectors; it's very exciting, and SO much fun getting to know the people that have loved my work enough to purchase a painting!

What paintings are you liking more? What would you like to see? Questions about the artwork itself, or my process. Comment below, or send me a message here.

I look forward to hearing from you!!

From the Studio,

Winters Kiss
6" x 6" Oil on Panel

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  • Mickie on

    Miranda…thank you!! I appreciate your kind words, and taking the time to comment! Good luck on the draw!

  • miranda on

    Such a great inspiring paint! lovely!

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