Silent Auction - October 16-20

As I wrote about in my last blog entry I am going to be running a few silent auctions during the balance of 2020. The first auction will start at noon Friday, October 16th...and will end on Tuesday October 20th at 8pm. (Time is MST - GMT-6.) I'm calling this first auction "New Beginnings"...because this is the year of multiple new beginnings!!

If you are on my email list (join HERE) you will be given early bird access to the 8 paintings that will be up for auction. Early bird access will run from noon to 6p.m. on October 16th, giving the option to bid early and/or use the "Buy Now" option. At 6pm the auction will go live.

The "New Beginnings" auction will be taking place via, a trusted site used by many artists, creators and various organizations. You will be able to view all auction items, but will need to open an account with 32auctions in order to bid. There is no cost to join, or to bid. Once the auction is over I will be sending invoices to all winning bidders. Payment options will include Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Google Pay, Email transfer, etc.

So excited to see you there!! This is going to be fun!

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