2020 - Year of the Landscape! - Gallery pricing less 40 precent!!
As I explore and develop my new landscape paintings during 2020, the prices will be fourty percent less than my normal gallery prices. This is my way of saying thank you for supporting me for these past 20 plus years!

Layaway by Mickie
If you would like to purchase a painting on layaway, we can make it happen. Send me a message HERE, and we'll get things started.

Still Life and Florals
Pricing for Still Life and Florals will remain the same. These prices reflect nearly 20 years of gallery representation, and over 40 years of experience!

Critters and Other Subject Matter
When I explore any other subject matter the fourty percent price reduction will apply. Stay tuned!

Taxes and Shipping
Taxes included.
Shipping is included on all orders over $300
Shipping and Handling is $20 for orders under $300 when shipping to Canada and USA. International orders will be calculated at checkout.