Animal Portraits

Meet Chai!
(Aka Chai-Chai)

Here's what her humans have to say about Chai...

Chai is 4 years old, and she was adopted her from AARCS. She's pretty laid back and likes being around her people, loves the sun and playing with Keanu (her cat brother) and the laser pointer.

Meet Dude!

Here's what Dude's Mom has to say about this precious boy...

Dude is now nine years and has been with his family since he was eight weeks old. Dude's fur mama was a cross between Collie and Shepard, while his fur daddy was a Doberman Retriever mix.

Dude went from a calm and happy pup to the perfect family dog. He is well behaved, very affectionate, protective, entertaining, and he adores his people. He makes our life better every single day!

Meet Chloe

This sweet baby girl is part of our family. She lives with my son, his wife, and their two children. She is the sweetest pup ever! I will be adding more information about her soon!